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Just Don't Mention Timothy Leary
Whole Living
July 2012

Me, a Love Story
Town & Country
October 2012

And Everything Is Going Fine:
The Gray In-Between

June 2012

The Journals of Spalding Gray
Huffington Post
October 2011

Spalding Gray's Tortured Soul
The New York Times Magazine
October 2011

Surviving Hemingway
Town & Country
September 2011

William Styron, 1925-2006
November 2006

For Spalding Gray, One Last Tale
The New York Times
May 2006

A Funeral Director Tries Something Dark for a Change
The New York Times
July 2004


Winter Wonders
The New York Times
December 2013

The Odd Couple
June 2012

The Imaginative Arts
The New York Times
April 2012


Home Sweet (Away From) Home
Martha Stewart
September 2013

Heart of Neatness
Martha Stewart
October 2011

How to Know Each Other
One Story
July 2008


This Month's Destination: London
Town & Country
May 2015

The Lost Villaggio
Town & Country
March 2015

This Month's Destination: Marrakech
Town & Country
November 2014

This Month's Destination: Amalfi Coast
Town & Country
August 2014

Putting the Past to Rest in Ireland
February 2014

Near Paris, a City of Flaubert and Joan of Arc
The New York Times
August 2013

Only In...Naples
The Wall Street Journal
March 2013

Frescoes and Festivals in an Umbrian Town
The New York Times
November 2012

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